Jane Anderson

Strategic Communications Expert

Jane Anderson, a seasoned strategic communications expert, enlisted my help for a digital makeover tailored to her needs. With her extensive track record of empowering women within consulting for major organizations, she was keen to modernize her online presence while maintaining autonomy over its management.

Our first task was to rebuild her website from Webflow to Squarespace. By doing so, we ensured Jane could make updates and adjustments without relying on constant technical assistance. This shift not only simplified her workflow but also freed up valuable time and resources.

Collaborating closely with Jane's marketing team, we integrated a CRM system into her website. This strategic move allowed Jane to capture leads efficiently and nurture relationships effectively. With the CRM seamlessly embedded, Jane gained insight into her audience's preferences and behaviors, enabling more targeted communication and engagement strategies.

Customer SquaresPAce Website | Intergrations

Recognizing the pivotal role of content marketing in Jane's strategy, we provided tailored advice on managing her blog and podcast. From content creation workflows to audience engagement tactics, our guidance aimed to amplify Jane's thought leadership and maximize her reach within the consulting community.

In addition to website and content management, we migrated Jane's program pages from Kajabi to Squarespace. This consolidation not only simplified her digital infrastructure but also provided a more cohesive user experience for her audience. By integrating her payment processor into the Squarespace platform, we ensured seamless and secure transactions for her clients, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


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